Debbie L. | Berkeley, CA

I am happy to be able to write a positive review of our experience with the purchase and installation new carpeting from Tahoe Specialty. There were some very frustrating problems at the outset, largely due to communication issues: although everyone we dealt with was pleasant and promised to be helpful, there were delays that were not explained as well as a lack of clarity about job orders and invoices. Ultimately Coreen, one of the owners, did get involved and corrected the problems very effectively. From that point on we received excellent customer service: prompt communication and feedback, clarity with regard to all of the options and decisions, prompt action to address a small problem discovered in the carpet itself, and a very good installation job.

I would definitely recommend working with Tahoe Specialty. Customers will find a great carpet selection and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would also urge customers to be clear at the outset about their own needs for clear and timely communication.